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Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.

Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc. Catalogs

Wholly Owned Catalogs:
Publisher Performing Rights Organization
Aimed At The Lost Music ASCAP
Aladrienne Music ASCAP
Bensong Music ASCAP
Bridge Building Music, Inc. BMI
Christian Grit Music Press ASCAP
Crown-Aztec Music ASCAP
Crown-Black Music SESAC
Crown-Royal Music BMI
Designer Music Group, Inc. SESAC
Diadem Music Publishing SESAC
Diadem Sky ASCAP
Dimension Music SESAC
Fast And Furious Music SESAC
First Verse Music BMI
Great Circle Music ASCAP
HeartWarming Music BMI
Hemphill Music Company BMI
Jensen Music ASCAP
John T. Benson Publishing Co. ASCAP
Joysong Music Publications SESAC
LifeSong Music Press BMI
Mandina Music BMI
Master Tapestry Music BMI
Music Entertainment Group BMI
New Bay Psalter Music Press ASCAP
New Pax Music Press ASCAP
New Spring Publishing, Inc. ASCAP
New Tattoo Music BMI
Paragon Music ASCAP
Phil Barfoot Music Co. ASCAP
Pleasant Hill Music BMI
Point Clear Music ASCAP
Rocksmith Music ASCAP
Royal Tapestry Music ASCAP
Second Verse Music BMI
Singspiration Music ASCAP
Stamps-Baxter Music BMI
Sunday Shoes Music ASCAP
Sure Been Good Music BMI
Takalofme Music ASCAP
Twitchen Vibes Music ASCAP
Zondervan Fiesta BMI
Zondervan Herman Corporation ASCAP
Zondervan Music Publishers SESAC

Administered Catalogs:
Publisher Performing Rights Organization
2-3-4 Music, Inc. BMI
Al Denson Music ASCAP
All My Life Music ASCAP
Andrew Hope Music ASCAP
Annamarie Music ASCAP
AppStreet Music ASCAP
Asaph Songs BMI
Austin Roberts Music SESAC
Barbara Fairchild Music BMI
Beautibeth Music SESAC
Bellmark Music ASCAP
Benote Music BMI
Bibilito Publishing BMI
Big Eddy Publishing BMI
Big Man Little Man Publishing ASCAP
Blacksferry Town Music BMI
Blue Fringe Music Publishing ASCAP
Brandon Hunter Music BMI
Brian Hadley Music BMI
Brinkley Music BMI
Buddy & Pal Music ASCAP
Callender Lane Publishing ASCAP
Can Lips Publishing ASCAP
Capilano Music ASCAP
Carob Music BMI
Causing Change Music BMI
Champion of Love Music ASCAP
Chips And Salsa Songs ASCAP
Dansey Music SESAC
DaviShop Music Publishing ASCAP
Don Wyrtzen Music ASCAP
Dorothy Ann's Music ASCAP
Eddie Carswell Music BMI
Elliott Shepherd's Music BMI
F. Hammond Music BMI
Family & Friends Music BMI
First Row Music BMI
Four Taylorkids Music BMI
Francis George Music SESAC
Fresh Wine Publishing ASCAP
Fulkersongs BMI
George Jr. Music, Inc. SESAC
Glo/Jay Music ASCAP
Goadies Music ASCAP
God Knows Music BMI
Goochy Man Music ASCAP
Glo/Jay Music ASCAP
Grate Stuff Music BMI
Gray Dot Songs ASCAP
Hionis Music BMI
Jack's Bathroom Music ASCAP
Jess Cates Music ASCAP
JlippmannVibes4Him ASCAP
J-Mouse Music ASCAP
Jordan's Lyric ASCAP
Judah Praise Music BMI
Kerrtunes ASCAP
Kim Boyce Music ASCAP
Koobie Tunes SESAC
Larry Collins Music BMI
Li'l Dave's Music-God's Music ASCAP
Lockhill-Selma ASCAP
MattersMost Music ASCAP
Me And Bubba Music BMI
Mighty Time Music, Inc. SESAC
Minnie Partners Music SESAC
Molto Bravo! Music, Inc. ASCAP
Movation Music ASCAP
Music Square Productions BMI
My Ditty Music And Publishing SESAC
Nail Prince Music ASCAP
Never Say Never Songs ASCAP
Niphon Music ASCAP
NYB Publishing ASCAP
Ocean of Melody Music ASCAP
Odewind Productions ASCAP
Organon Key Music BMI
Pace's Vision Music BMI
Papa Tom Music BMI
Parker Girls BMI
Peastwood Povi Music SESAC
People Of Destiny Music BMI
Perfect Blend Publishing BMI
Picture Of An Angel Publishing SESAC
Pogostick Music BMI
Point To Point Music ASCAP
Poppin' John Music BMI
Praise Tyme Music BMI
Quayle Pail Publishing ASCAP
Randy Cox Music, Inc. BMI
RB Creations BMI
Regina M. Winans Publishing BMI
Rev. R. Music ASCAP
Richwood Music BMI
Rise-N-Glowing Music BMI
Rotten Banana Music ASCAP
Row J, Seat 9 Songs ASCAP
Ryanlynn Publishing ASCAP
S.I.M.U. Music ASCAP
Saralu Music BMI
Schnickelfritz Music Publishing ASCAP ASCAP
Sheltering Tree Music BMI
Shepherd Boy Music ASCAP
Skin Horse, Inc. ASCAP
Slam Duncan Music ASCAP
Society's Eye ASCAP
Songs From the White House SESAC
Sound III, Inc. ASCAP
Southern California Music ASCAP
Starshaped Music BMI
Stych-N-Him Music BMI
Sweet Milena Music BMI
Sweeter Days Music BMI
Swervalina Music SESAC
Tilley & Associates Publishing BMI
Timber Wind Publishing BMI
TITK-1 Publishing BMI
Twelve Twenty Six SESAC
Upper Cates Music ASCAP
Upright Grand Music BMI
Vacation Boy Music ASCAP
Vandelay Publishing BMI
Vandura 2500 Songs ASCAP
Verlen Music BMI
Waking Giant Music BMI
Wayne Gaskin Music BMI
Webster County Songs ASCAP
West Carolina Publishing BMI
Wheat Sheaf Music ASCAP
Wondermark ASCAP

Publisher Performing Rights Organization
Addi Music BMI
Beulah Music BMI
Christian Soldier Music ASCAP
Don-Watt House Of Music ASCAP
Kingsmen Publishing Company BMI
Lion Of Judah Music ASCAP
Watkins-McEastland Music BMI
Watt-Don Publishers SESAC
Yellow House Music ASCAP